• Tendinosis or tendinitis?

    Bicipital tendinitis

    Tendinitis is a general term used by Doctor but in reality  it means inflammation of the tendon, if the injury is there for more then 2 weeks then it is no more tendiitis but tendinosis which mean some degree of deteroration of the tendon. The only reason to differentiate this 2 injuries is the rehabilitation protocol, while tendinitis may require “concentric strengthening which means shortening of the muscle, tendinosis may require “eccentric strength which means lengthening of the muscle and tendon.

    Bicipital tendinitis can be easily confused with a shoulder injury like Supraspinatus or deltoid injury because the pain will manifest itself at the  anterior shoulder. It is important to perform specific test to separate Bicipital injury from the others, Usually ” speed test ” will give a good indication of the Long head f the bicip involvement or not, while an empty can test will most definatly take supraspinatus injury out of the equasion

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