• Strain counter strain

    Strain counter strain

    Originally an Osteopath technique

    Great for releasing muscle spasm

    A.R.T. principles



    Tender point

    By evaluating range of motion we can understand what position the client like to be ( spasm release)

    Most important is the tender point

    Step number 1- find tender point and give an evaluation on a pain scale of 1 to 10

    Step 2- apply light pressure on the tender point ( palpation not trigger point pressure)

    Step 3-Move the body part  while holding down the tender point until the tissue underneath your hand feels relaxing, this may involve few slow movement like flexion extension rotation etc until the tissue is completely relaxed, at this point keep the body in that position for anything up to 90 seconds although sometime you may have to hold it for few minutes.

    Once this has been done re-evaluate the tissue.

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